"Perlato" is the name of a rosé wine which is unique in its kind thanks to the delicacy of its perfume. This wine is made with the best Ruländer grapes in the "Vignali" vineyard highly suitable to this kind of vine on the hill where Castel Beseno lies.

An accurate winemaking process "in white" follows a brief 24-hour cold steeping on the skins (which gives a slight rosé coloration). It is then refined in steel for 4 months.

The result is a complex wine full of taste, fruity and harmonious.

Ideal as an aperitif, it is a good complement to fish dishes.

This wine should be served at a temperature below 12°C.

Soil: limestone with prevailing skeleton
Grapes: 100% Ruländer
Grape growing: single trellises
Yield: 9 T/ha
Harvest: grapes hand-picked at the beginning of September
Fermentation: stainless steel, 8 days
Refining: stainless steel, 4 months / in bottle, 1 month