Merlot is grown in the territory of Nomi at "Carestel" a very appropriate terrain to the production of this vine.

The essential factors for its production are a low yield in vineyard - which allows fully mature raw materials to gain a sugary content - and a concentration in polyphenolic substances.

The Merlot is vinified in stainless steel and left to ferment and steep for two weeks at low temperatures in order to get the skins to produce the Merlot’s classic varietal smell.

After malolactic fermentation in steel the wine is refined in small oak barrels for twelve months and finally bottled.

The result is a deep ruby red wine with a characteristic smell which matches the Merlot’s varietal freshness with the not intrusive elegance of the wood.

This wine should be served at a temperature of about 18°C and tasted after at least a one-hour decantation.

Soil: limestone and clay
Grapes: 100% Merlot
Grape growing: double trellises
Yield: 9 T/ha
Harvest: grapes hand-picked at the beginning of October
Fermentation: stainless steel, 15 days
Refining: oak barrels, 12 months / in bottle, 2 months