The wine cellar

Azienda Agricola Salizzoni lies in the village of Calliano right in the heart of the socalled ‘’wine Terroir ’’ in Vallagarina, a valley bounded by Castel Beseno and the strongholds for the defence of Rovereto.

Completed in 1986 by Valter’s passion to till his fields and to produce a wine which can appropriately reflect the reality of his own land, the farm can now boast top quality levels.

Five hectars of vineyards, extending thorugh the municipal territories of Calliano, Nomi and Isera are farmed both with simple and double trellis systems.

The cellar, part of the old 18th-century building, is used for winemaking and refining in small durmast oak barrels.

The small holiday farm gives the guests the pleasure of savoring our genuine farm land products and wines.

Starting from the Marzemino, the emblem of the whole valley, a red wine capable of putting Trentino wine making on incredibly high positions thanks to its elegance and typicalness. A very genuine wine but nevertheless not simple at all. In each glass you will find a suggestive historical cross-section where the human hand, the natural qualities of vines and the excellence of the products itself blend harmoniously.

Besides the Marzemino, deserving representative of the ‘terroir viticole’, our production extends to other wines with different characteristics such a classic Chardonnay, a very fruity floral composition , the Perlato made with the best Rűlander grapes, the Palazzo Valentini refined in small oak barrels and finally the Victor, a red wine introduced in 2006 to celebrate 20 years of success and to pay homage to the founder Vittorio, Valter’s father.

Our farm is deservedly considered a witness of our territory and an expert messenger of our wine in distant places; this aspect is of a great importance for us and is never neglected in our commercial strategies.

Young Luca has recently got his disploma at the "Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige" and has now an important role in the farm living a guarantee of continuity and evolution towards the future and towards more and more important aims.

The wine cellar